Concrete Polishing Machines: DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

Polished concrete floors are making a comeback. Once reserved for industrial or commercial facilities, polished concrete is now a popular choice with schools, hospitals, office buildings and private residences. The reasons for its use are numerous and include cost effectiveness, low maintenance, ease of cleaning, resistance to dust and dirt and a variety of available textures and colors.

If you are considering building or making improvements to a business or home and want to install polished concrete floors, you must first consider what goes into the process.

The Polished Concrete Floor Process

Creating beautiful concrete polished floors is accomplished via a multiple step process. The raw concrete slab must first be ground down to create the texture you desire. The grinding process, which eliminates roughly an eighth inch of the surface, produces a considerable amount of concrete dust, which requires removal before the micro polishing process begins. Your stain color is applied before this process.

Concrete polishing machines are then used to achieve the level of sheen desirable. Because this is a controlled process, you can select the amount of shine your floor possesses up to a glass-like sheen.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

The process of polishing concrete is very similar to sanding wood and therefore a great deal of technical knowledge is not required. Concrete floor polishing can feasibly be accomplished as a DIY project.

However, polished concrete equipment for initial grinding and micro polishing and dust collectors are expensive to purchase. It is therefore recommended to either rent the required machines or hire a professional contractor that already has concrete floor polishing equipment and expertise.

Easy Floor Maintenance

Once you have either installed your new polished concrete floor yourself or have had an expert install it, maintenance to keep it clean and shiny is easy. These floors only require an occasional damp mopping to keep them presentable.

It is also recommended to occasionally use a microfiber pad to buff polished concrete floors. Such pads remove any dirt particles that accumulate in micro holes and cracks which can eventually dull the shine. Automatic floor scrubbers are often used in buildings having a commercial nature.

Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible to prevent staining. If a cleaner is required, it is recommended that a neutral type is used which removes debris, dirt and dust easily without causing harm to the flooring.

[August 12, 2014]