Polished Concrete Equipment: Rent or Buy

So now you need a concrete polishing equipment. Choose to rent or buy. They’re both beneficial. The key to know is which works better for you.

Sometimes, renting a concrete polishing equipment makes the most sense. Use it when you need it. Keep it as long as you want. Return it when the project is complete.

A huge benefit is to be able to rent your equipment at various locations. Even if your project is out-of-town or out-of-state, know that there is a Diamatic USA that is conveniently close by. Eliminate the long-distance equipment freight. Take advantage of their closer proximity to your job site. Their concrete polishing equipments are rental-ready, top quality, clean, and well maintained.

Another advantage of renting is having the versatility of using different concrete grinding polishing equipment for different job requirements. For example, large job sites such as schools, shopping malls, airports, etc, requires a heavy-duty industrial machine. Whereas smaller jobs, such as a residential home requires a smaller industrial machine.

The advantage of renting is that you’re able to try the concrete floor polishing equipment before you buy. Once you have tried it first-hand, you will see and experience how it really works. See how effective the Dust Collector is when attached to the concrete grinding polishing equipment. Visually see the level mechanism perform even grinding. Physically push the remote button and watch the Surface Grinder grind the floor.

How much does it cost to rent? For the concrete polishing equipment rental, for example, prices start at just $125 per day. You can also rent it per week or per month. Rental prices start at a low $350 per week, and $725 per month.

Now, if you decide to buy, know that Diamatic USA offers a wide selection of high quality concrete polishing equipment for sale. The used grinding equipment are warrantied and are in good condition. Choose from Floor Grit Pads, Dust Collector, Concrete Grinding Polishing Equipment and more. They have everything necessary to get the job done.

How much are the items for sale? The used grinding equipment varies per week, as they do go fast. Single Segment Wings are $5 each. Flor Grit Pads start at $29. The gently used Electric Burnisher is only $700.

Whether you rent or buy, know that you can rely on Diamatic USA to supply and provide all the necessary tools to get your job done efficiently.