Polished Concrete Floor and its Benefits

Having a polished concrete floor in your property has many benefits and is not only something which is found in older, refurbished warehouse properties – it is now very much the flooring of choice for many retailers, medical facilities, educational facilities, warehouses and even homeowners.

When you think of a polished concrete floor you may initially think of some cold, uninviting warehouse or industrial building echoing to the sounds of plant machinery or some other industrial application – it’s time to think again. Professional concrete floor polishing can not only provide your home or business with great value and durability, but it can also be an attractive and aesthetically pleasing addition to the interior of your building.

Here at Diamatic USA we understand how to make the most of our client’s concrete floors and provide a service which will be attractive, durable and serviceable for many years to come. Here are just a few of the benefits which our customers enjoy, thanks to our concrete floor polishing service, and you can too;

  • Cost effective – not only is the application and the process of our polished concrete floor service an affordable option but maintenance costs is also extremely low when compared to some other types of flooring.
  • Easy cleaning – a polished concrete floor is exceptionally easy to keep clean – just the occasional sweep and damp mopping will bring it up good as new. The gleaming polished surfaces don’t need to be waxed or applied with any other type of coating taking up precious money and labor time, and the highly polished surface is pretty much resistant to chemical and oil spills and from forklift truck tire marks etc.
  • Moisture issues are not a problem – choosing our professional team at Diamatic USA for your concrete floor polishing needs does have another advantage – the polished concrete does not prohibit the floor from breathing like some other applications may – tiles that are sealed the concrete and can result in moisture problems, a polished concrete floor does not have these problems.
  • Highly reflective surface – some buildings need a clean, bright and highly reflective surface to portray a truly professional image. This is true in settings such as restaurants, hotels and office buildings. The light reflective properties can also help to reduce the amount of artificial lighting which is needed.

Here at Diamatic USA our customers are already reaping the benefits of our professional concrete floor polishing service – isn’t it about time you did too?

[April 10, 2014]