Diamatic™ Quality

High Productivity & Consistent Results

Diamatic Globally prides itself on being a complete in house manufacturer of the majority of its products. All Diamatic grinders are engineered and manufactured in our own facilities. This assures the contractor of the highest quality as we can control the tolerances in our plants in a more efficient and tighter method than those making machines in job shops, china, or with outside engineering firms. Diamatic grinders start as a raw piece of steel where it enters our plant to be laser cut, and welding with Panasonic Robots  to our own powder coating rooms thus ensuring perfect, long lasting quality, to go with the industry’s leading warranty.

Diamatic, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Blastrac Global Group where equipment quality, life time operating costs and high productivity have driven the brands to the leadership positions they enjoy. Come see why Diamatic is The Choice of Professionals' and experience the most complete service and distribution group in the industry.  We want you to enjoy the commitment we have in our product and our WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Stephen Klugherz, President