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Diamatic Grinding & Polishing Machines

Diamatic Grinders of all sizes have ascended to the top of the ranks as the go-to machine in the world of concrete polishing and grinding. Diamatics' world quality matched by unparalleled customer service and the industries most complete and longest warranty are the reason contractors stay loyal to our products. Diamatic grinders are made to the very strict standards regarding the operator safety and environment. Low vibration, balanced, tight tolerance, safe, and operative friendly features ensure your operators will not get worn out by an unbalanced machine, or hurt by unsafe controls or panels. Our electrical components meet CSA/UL requirements as well as certified enclosures, proper cord, and operator controls. Diamatic grinders delivery power and balance to the floor for the most effective, productive grinding machines available today. 

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BMG 300 Series

BMG 435 Series

BMG 555 Series

BMG 735 Series

 BMG 780 UltraPro Series

 BMG 2200 Series

Velox Power Trowel Series

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