Concrete Treatments

The ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System

ULTRAFLOR TreatmentsULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System is a specifically designed process that produces an extremely hardened, dust-proof, reflective surface that imparts chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors.

Through the ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System ordinary concrete floors are transformed into highly decorative, quality floor surfaces well suited for high-end retail, commercial, institutional, and architectural applications.

The Most Versatile & Complete System In the Industry

The ULTRAFLOR® Treatments are a complete line of quality products designed and engineered for the Architectural polished concrete market.

The complete system includes:

  • Densifiers
  • Coloring products
  • Curing compounds
  • Guard products
  • Maintenance products

Environmentally Friendly

ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Treatments utilizes low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which makes it an environmentally friendly surface. There are no coatings applied, such as epoxies, urethanes, or waxes. There is no slurry or hazardous waste. Polished concrete floor systems are also recognized by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and LEED certification as an environmentally friendly flooring option. Specifically, the polished concrete floor advantages for LEEDs relates to lower use of interior lights, use of existing floor system and low VOC use.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Another benefit of the ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System is lower maintenance cost. In high traffic areas especially, such as schools, hallways and corridors, ULTRAFLOR® holds up better and lasts longer than traditional floor covering systems. Not only are polished concrete floors easy to clean, requiring only damp mopping, they can resist scuff marks and tire marks. They also eliminate the need for messy waxes or coatings, as well as the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them.

Benefits with ULTRAFLOR® Treatments:

  • High quality safe & sustainable floors
  • Allows transmission of water vapor through the slab where high moisture levels are present 
  • Process is virtually dust-free, allowing the use of the facility during floor installation
  • Dust proofs concrete floors
  • Sustainable low-maintenance floors
  • Meets criteria for LEED Qualifying floors 
  • Variable-finish choices for project specific needs