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FLOR-COLOR™ Micronized Water Borne Dye

Recommended for use in the ULTRAFLOR® Polishing Process of Concrete and polished overlay Surfaces.

Product Description

FLOR-COLOR™ is a water borne translucent dye designed for use in the Diamatic ULTRAFLOR® Polished Concrete System. When applied to overlays, profiled or a polished concrete surface it will provide a variegated coloring effect without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. FLOR-COLOR™ is a low VOC emitting stain and is safe to use on any project.


400 to 500 sq. ft. per gallon. Note: Coverage or treatment yield will vary with concrete quality, porosity, finish, and environment.

FLOR-COLOR™ Literature  
FLOR-COLOR™ Color Chart

Advantages & Benefits

  • User friendly, non-whitening 
  • Environmentally friendly ― VOC compliant 
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Deep Penetrating Formula
  • Mixes with Water
  • Safe to use on any project

For complete application details FLOR-COLOR TIS AND FLOR-COLOR MSDS